Fabrics to wear in the humidity...

Written by Simone OReilly


Posted on November 12 2021

Lets face it, it gets bloody hot and humid here in our wet season.

If we could get around naked in this weather, life would be alot more comfortable.  Unfortunately if you are not familiar with this weather you will not be prepared for what you may be faced with.

One question we always get asked is "what is the best fabric to wear in this weather?"

So here is an overview of our favourite fabrics.



Cotton is a natural fibre which allows air to circulate and move freely through the fabric, ensuring airflow that dries out damp areas of the body. A good quality lightweight cotton also absorbs moisture, allowing you to cool down quickly, and comes in a variety of styles and colours.

It’s also worth noting that as cotton soaks up moisture, it can become heavy and wet so may show sweat patches. As a result, you’re best bet is to opt for light, rather than dark, colours in order to avoid pit marks.


Linen is very strong, absorbent, and dries faster than cotton. Because of these properties, linen is comfortable to wear in hot weather and is valued for use in garments.

Linen is a loosely woven, natural fibre which allows heat to escape from the body.

What does this mean? You + linen = cool as a cucumber.

'The more you wash and wear linen, however, the softer the fabric becomes, creating much more "flattering" and gentle creases when worn. 

If you're travelling without a steamer or iron, hang your linen clothes up in the bathroom as your shower to provide a gentle steam.


Rayon is a synthetic fiber, made from natural sources of regenerated cellulose, such as wood and related agricultural products. 

Because Rayon it is not as durable as other fibres it prefers to be hand washed.  There are many grades of Rayon, and it is a more affordable option than other natural fibres. 

Rayon can also be known as Viscose, Modal, and Cellulose Fibre.